Karen Tirebuck founded Tirebuck Recruitment in 2000 and as part of an expansion plan acquired Allocate Recruitment in 2007. Allocate Recruitment is the Stratford-upon-Avon partner of Tirebuck Recruitment and handles all jobs in the Warwickshire area. Consultants work together across the two companies, so you may find that you are contacted by both Allocate and Tirebuck staff whilst searching for a role.

The Tirebuck and Allocate websites are powered by the Tirebuck group database, displaying all jobs we currently recruit for. It does not matter which site you use to apply for jobs, as the inquiry will be handled by the appropriate team upon submission. However, please do not apply to both sites, as you will create duplicate records.

Our clients benefit from the flexibility and lack of red tape that comes with employing temporary staff, and the high calibre candidates we offer.